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5 Ways to Show Brand Love and Boost Sales for Valentine's Day!

We’ve all heard; ‘Valentine’s Day was invented by greeting card companies’, but these days it’s small businesses that benefit the most. With Valentine’s Day being all about love, it creates an opportunity for business owners to appreciate and show some brand love to loyal customers while consequently boosting sales as a bonus.

Here are five easy ways you can spread brand love and boost sales on Valentine’s Day:

  1. Hold A Contest

Create a fun online Valentine’s Day Contest that will attract your followers to participate. Contest ideas may include asking Facebook followers to post a photo with their significant other and have their friends vote on it. The winner receives a prize like a discount on your product or service. This idea not only gives your loyal customers a chance to be rewarded for Valentine’s Day but it, in turn, creates buzz around your product or service and may also attract new users to your page.

  1. Bundle

Make it easy for patrons to get your products. Consider packaging your goods or services for Valentine’s Day. One strategy is to bundle a popular item with one that isn’t selling well. Be sure to focus on good gifts that will be perfect for Valentine’s Day. Once executed correctly, you’ll see more people pick up the bundles as an added-value item than would buy them separately.

  1. Sales Promotion

One of the easiest ways you can win sales for Valentine’s Day is to engage customers with V-Day specific discounts. You may consider a dollar amount discount, free shipping, or a free gift or gift card with purchase. This is your chance to pick up new customers and reward those that are already loyal.

  1. Send A Heartfelt Email

Not every marketing idea has to centre around selling. Send a pleasant email to your customer database highlighting how much you appreciate them and why. As a small business owner, you may have closer relationships with your customers than a large company would, so use that to your advantage to build and nurture the relationships.

  1. Don’t Forget Single People

Earn major points with your customer base by tailoring your marketing strategies and messaging to include ideas and gifts for single persons. Encourage single shoppers to pamper themselves and offer discounts to make it worth their while.

It must be noted for success to be guaranteed, the above tips must be implemented consistently. With a few tweaks, you can easily recycle these initiatives for other occasions if you really want your customers to feel that they’re valued and loved year-round.

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