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Email Marketing and Hashtags Tips on how to make it work for you in 2021!

It’s 2021 and you’re ready to dive into the world of Email Marketing while upping your social media game with good hashtags that will create the right amount of buzz around your campaigns. While the two may seem unrelated, there is a common goal between them. That goal; is to successfully reach and engage with potential and existing customers. In the first section of this article, we will look at some tips on making email marketing work for you, then we will shift our focus to some hashtag tips for 2021.

Email Marketing

Email marketing provides small businesses with a chance to easily be connected with your audience while luring their attention to your site, and products/services. Consider these tips when setting up your email marketing campaigns in 2021. Let’s start from the beginning, before sending out your emails you should first build an organic

email list.

Tip # 1: Build an Organic Email List

Avoid the temptation to purchase emails, instead, build a strong and sustainable list of opt-in contacts, comprising of consumers who actually want to hear from, and engage with your brand. Now that you have your organic email list, it’s time to segment and personalize your database.

Tip # 2 Segment and Personalize

Segmenting allows you to match content to recipients’ interests, creating a level of personalization that can achieve far greater results than just sending out mass email blasts. The goal is to make your subscribers and customers think that you know them better than your competitors ever could.

After you have segmented and personalized your email database, it’s time to reach out to your customer base, but wait, you must first determine when you should send your emails. Sending it at the right time is important.

Tip # 3 Send Your Emails at the Right Time

There isn’t a one-size-fits-all day and time when it’s best for every small business brand to send their emails. Every brand has a different audience with different needs and behaviors. So, you’ll want to test different days and times to find out what works best for your audience. After deciding the right time to send your email it’s time to start developing your email message. At this stage, it’s important to use dynamic content.

Tip #4 Use Dynamic Content

It’s time to get original and spruce up your emails and use dynamic content. If you want your customers to be engaged use videos, gifs, surveys, and interactive polls to keep things interesting. Finally, you have your message ready, now it’s time to get creative and prioritize your subject lines.

Tip #5 Prioritize Your Subject Lines

Make it cheeky and captivating. Your goal is to captivate your audience at first glance and get them to open your message. You might want to add in a bit of urgency and invoke some emotion. Finally, Sent! However, your work isn’t finished and you should be constantly updating and cleansing your email list regularly and don’t forget to ask your customers for feedback and suggestions.


Hashtags are an important marketing tool when interacting online with your customers. Once used correctly, hashtags up the chances for your business being discovered. Consider these tips when using hashtags in 2021.

Tip #1 Pair your hashtags with images

Promote additional engagement and boost views by pairing your hashtags with bold images.

Tip #2 Group your hashtags at the end

Group all your hashtags at the end, as this makes your posts easier to read.

Tip #3 Use trending hashtags that compliment your content

If they connect to what you’re sharing, take advantage of this, it can be an easy way to gain followers.

Tip #4 Explore hashtags first

Do some research as hashtags with no or few related tags may be useless when trying to reach persons.

Tip #5 Hashtags on the various social media platforms perform differently

On Twitter, tweets with 1 or 2 hashtags have 21% higher engagement than those with 3 or more hashtags. On the other end, Instagram, shows posts with 11 or more hashtags have the highest interactions. On Facebook, you are better off not even bothering to add hashtags as Facebook posts without hashtags outperform those with hashtags.

Now your small business is ready to take on 2021 with better email marketing campaigns and social media communications.

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