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23 Ways To Promote Your Business Online

At the start of May 2021, uncertainty has set in and your small business is right where you were in MARCH last year due to the COVID-19 pandemic.

A Nationwide "lockdown" as necessary as it is, (and we all know this one is necessary) signals possible revenue loss to the business community & entrepreneurs of Trinidad and Tobago, with the food, entertainment, and beauty industries being heavily hit.

But, the impact doesn't have to be crippling. As we learnt last year, adding simple online innovation and the power of social media to business can give it a lifeline.

Use the downtime to effectively improve and promote your business presence online.

In this article, we will look at 23 ways you can promote your business online during your downtime.

  1. Engage with customers via your social media pages. Let clients know how they can reach you and how your company intends on operating during the lockdown.

  2. Leverage Social media tools like Facebook lives to host virtual events to share your product offerings.

  3. Try to encourage “ordering online” via Social / Website with touchless Delivery options available where possible. Local Companies like and Planting Seeds can provide entrepreneurs with the logistics (online payments and Delivery) needed to thrive during this period.

  4. Provide a #TipoftheDay on Facebook or Instagram.

  5. Invest in targeted Facebook ads to reach new and potential clients.

  6. Start engaging in some video marketing. Set up a YouTube page and begin creating video blogs relevant to your business.

  7. Update your ‘Google My Business’ listing and ensure that all the information is accurate.

  8. Spend some time on content creation. Now is the time to create a blog section on your company’s website.

  9. Provide an online E- Special discounts for your products during this time as a way of indicating that you know how difficult this time is for everyone.

  10. Run online contests on your social media platforms to create buzz around your offerings.

  11. Use the downtime to update your website. It’s time to upgrade and add new features that will assist your customers to access your products virtually.

  12. If your budget can afford it, go mobile and create an app for your business!

  13. Join online communities relevant to your business and offer people suggestions and advice when they have problems or questions.

  14. Collaborate with local influencers and widen your reach by teaming up with these social media moguls to promote your products.

  15. Test and refine your search engine optimization. This is something you need to do regularly if you have a website.

  16. Build your network on LinkedIn. This is especially helpful for businesses that are B2B organizations.

  17. Attend and participate in zoom meetings/industry seminars to share information on your business.

  18. Connect with your customer base regularly by setting up a strict weekly email regime. Send out newsletters on offers and any other updates you wish to communicate.

  19. Add your business to an online marketplace. Listing your business on these platforms is an excellent way to promote awareness of your brand and services.

  20. Host a webinar. If your business centers on specialist knowledge, consider hosting an online webinar to reach a wide cross-section of potential customers. Too much logistics? Then create a room in "clubhouse" and get ready to rock the mic! Clubhouse is a great way to get personal with your ideal target audience.

  21. Start a podcast and share expert knowledge and advice about your industry and provide insights into your company.

  22. Network with other small businesses who are doing similar work to you and collaborate with them to offer a special deal to local customers.

  23. Highlight how your company can help/is helping during the pandemic; create useful content and communicate the services your company can provide.

And there you have it!

23 ways to help promote your business online while we are lockdown for few* days.

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