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3 Instagram Algorithm Changes for 2021 & what you need to know

Social Algorithms determine who actually sees the content you publish and who doesn’t. As algorithms change, yesterday’s marketing tactics might become less effective today. That’s why as a small business, your strategy on each social platform needs to continuously evolve too. So what does the 2021 Instagram Algorithm has in store for us? Let’s find out!

1. Instagram Algorithm keeps tabs on us

The Instagram algorithm factors in how and what you engage with, and predicts that’s the content you care about. Those actions determine the order of a user’s newsfeed. Therefore, when you like a specific post there is a chance that you will see similar posts on your newsfeed more often.

As a small business, you should use this to your advantage and ensure that your content is eye-catching and interactive enough to get engagement from your followers. This will ensure that your content will most likely consistently show up on their feeds.

2. Engagement is King!

The Instagram Algorithm watches engagement with your followers. That means engaging with your followers is essential if you want to grow on Instagram. You must reply to comments and direct messages, so your followers see more of your posts. Also, Instagram has re-prioritized the type of engagement they find important. For example; LIkes are considered low tier while a save or share would bring much more value and engagement points your way.

3. The Instagram Algorithm considers time

It is important that your small business has a business account page set up when considering this point. You will need to know when the majority of your followers are online and set a schedule to post content around these times.

Creating a strategy like this will maximize the algorithm’s efforts in showing users the latest and greatest. In other words, when you post content when most of your followers are online, they’ll be more likely to see your posts.

Also, because Instagram wants you to spend more time on app, they will prioritize content that makes users consume your content longer. For Example; a carousel or video takes longer to consume as opposed to a photo. So lookout for more videos and more carousels!

According to a whopping 29.8% and 33% of worldwide Instagram users belong to persons in the 18-24 and 25-34 age groups, respectively. If your core audiences fall within these age groups, Instagram is one of the best platforms for advertising, and beating the Instagram Algorithm should be your top priority in 2021. So, don’t forget to create compelling and engaging content. Engagement is king, so interact with your followers and develop a posting schedule around the times that your followers are most likely to be online.

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